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– Don Schumacher, Yuba College of California and Jason Gaschel, Seminole State College of Florida

“The Community College of Southern Nevada is excited to be on the cutting edge of alternatively powered vehicle technician training and public education through our membership in the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium. The staff here believes in our mission to prepare future technicians with the skills they need to be successful, and including AFV training is critical to that mission. We enjoy the fact that we have been given the opportunity to dispel myths and incorrect assumptions with facts, and the opportunity to develop a network of teachers, technicians, and the public that is armed with knowledge of AFVs.”

– Paul Pate, Associate Dean – Applied Technologies, Community College of Southern Nevada

“The NAFTC has been our main source for alternative fuel system curricula at Des Moines Area Community College. The course books and instructor guides are very complete and technically accurate. The professional level of training they provide to faculty are first rate. We have provided training for 20 other community college and high school faculties as a result of our affiliation with the NAFTC, and we are currently training 50 to 60 new automobile technicians each year in alternative fuels vehicles and general applications. Last October, DMACC hosted a National Alternative Fuel Vehicle awareness day; we had over 600 attendees and delivered technical training to 30 individuals on alternative fuel vehicles. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the NAFTC and training more technicians on alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles.”

– Scott J. Ocken, Dean, Industry and Technology, Des Moines Area Community College

“Whenever the NAFTC is mentioned in my presence, one can clearly see the smile and pleasant expression come over my face. I remember the challenge and hard work it took to measure up to the standards of the NAFTC and the many students who came and took part in our program, converting gasoline-burning vehicles to bifuel natural gas-burning vehicles. We are proud to have served so many. From the training that I got from Morgantown, WV, we were able to include training to college instructors from Truman College, Morton College, Kennedy – King College, and Ivy Tech College. With this kind of motivation, the door is left open for greater experiences in the near future.”

– Jim Murrell Sr., Associate Professor, Automotive Technology Instructor, Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, Lafayette Campus

“The benefits of being a member of the NAFTC are many. At MTEC, two of our instructors have received training in alternative fuel uses. We have been able to implement training to our students in biodiesel fuels. This has resulted in two of our auto technology students being able to intern at the district’s bus garage. Our electric instructor will attend a training on electric vehicles this summer. This ties in with our EV Challenge, in which our students compete nationally with the electric cars they have built. We have a bright future in alternative fuel training thanks to the NAFTC.”

– John George, Principal/Director, Monongalia County Technical Education Center (MTEC)

“The NAFTC’s First Responder Safety Training has provided me with so much valuable, cutting edge information that I will take it back to my home station. Our SOGs (standard operating guidelines) will be improved so that my firefighters and rescuers will respond with better knowledge, and their safety as well as their patients’ safety will be improved.”

– Joel Feltner, Deputy Chief, Paramedic, Exercise Planner, Nuttall Fire Department/Center for National Response