International Training Center

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Government, business, post-secondary education and training organizations are eligible to be considered for membership as an International Training Center (ITC). International Training Centers must meet certain eligibility requirements before membership can be granted. Specifically, International Training Centers should possess the capability to provide instruction, or a demonstrated commitment to move toward providing instruction, in alternative fuels, alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), advanced technology vehicles, and related technologies.

International Training Centers will receive the following benefits:

Curricula and Training

  • Opportunity to participate in train-the-trainer classes and receive corresponding instructor manuals for courses and workshops [only International Training Centers, National Training Centers (NTCs) and Associate Training Centers (ATCs) have access to train-the-trainer classes and instructor manuals and materials];
  • Opportunity to recruit National Training Centers (NTCs) beneath your ITC umbrella. These recruited NTCs will be required to apply for membership and pay a yearly membership fee to the International Training Center ($2500 a year recommended) of which $500 will be paid to the NAFTC. This relationship between the ITC and their NTCs is mandatory if the NTCs beneath the International Training Center’s management will be offered train-the-trainer sessions. If the ITC offers only an end-user (non- train-the-trainer) class to a training partner, membership is not required.
  • Member discount on NAFTC-produced industry-recognized and award winning participant/student course and workshop curricula, and materials about alternative fuels, AFVs and advanced technology vehicles;
  • Member discount on courses and workshops taught at NAFTC Headquarters;
  • Licensing access to online NAFTC courses and workshops;
  • Instructor updates, and other professional development activities;
  • Media and other personal development training;
  • Access to technical support for NAFTC training, products, and services;
  • Opportunity to participate in future NAFTC curriculum development for AFVs and advanced technology vehicles.
  • NOTE: Any and all translation of course materials is to be funded by the ITC, and production and copyright reside solely with the NAFTC.

Industry Information

  • Receive informative NAFTC correspondence, including NAFTC eNews, and industry and legislative updates, which will keep your institution up-to-date on the AFV and advanced technology vehicle industry advancements; and
  • Access to the “My NAFTC” Member section of the NAFTC website. This website includes instructor resources, information on NAFTC Business Meetings, marketing information, a Member’s Forum and more

Marketing Opportunities

  • Receive professional plaque for display in recognition of NAFTC membership;
  • Expertly created brochures that can be customized with your school’s training and contact information;
  • International strategic marketing of International Training Centers;
  • Inclusion on the NAFTC website including a dedicated Web page for each International Training Member. This page will provide information about the individual member’s training program and web site. (Note:Information for this page should be submitted by each ITC for inclusion on the member’s dedicated web page).
  • Submit news releases for possible inclusion in NAFTC eNews, which are distributed to the NAFTC’s membership and Listservs; and
  • Opportunity to post and view industry related job listings on the NAFTC Web site.

Networking Opportunities

  • Build valuable relationships and exchange information with other educational professionals, key industry leaders and others during your attendance and participation at NAFTC business meetings, conferences, and professional development activities;
  • Receive discounted rates to NAFTC conferences and instructor updates, professional development and training; and
  • Opportunity to participate in AFV and advanced technology vehicle events and activities, including National AFV Day Odyssey.

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* NAFTC membership applies to each individual school. Satellite facilities or campuses must apply separately.