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The NAFTC develops and disseminates curricula for in-service and pre-service auto technicians, fleet managers, automotive trainers, and others in the AFV and automotive fields; first responders and other safety personnel; government officials; and consumers. Headquartered at West Virginia University, the NAFTC consists of Training Centers located nationwide from Maine to California. Each center provides Training with Impact through its experienced instructors and real-world shop facilities. Numerous other members from secondary schools, small businesses, government, and industry also support the NAFTC’s mission.

Services provided by the NAFTC

  • Offers over 20 courses and workshops nationwide on alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles
  • Develops and delivers new courses and workshops yearly to meet demand and updated technology needs
  • Manages programs through funding from government and private sector industry entities
  • Provides extensive technical assistance through timely and accurate technical data available on NAFTC website
  • Produces NAFTC eNews, a dynamic, monthly web-based newsletter reporting on top industry news stories and NAFTC updates

Since its inception in 1992, the NAFTC has created tremendous impact through:

  • Delivering over 1,600 courses and training over 30,000 technicians, fleet managers, students, decision-makers, and others nationwide
  • Conducting over 1,500 workshops and education/awareness events with over 600,000 attendees
  • Strengthening alliances with regional fuel providers and local industries
  • Enhancing liaisons with automobile manufacturers
  • Enhancing alliances with aftermarket retailers within an NTC’s region
  • Heightening awareness for millions about alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles by conducting National AFV Day Odyssey *
  • Conducting international training
  • Providing technical assistance to thousands
  • Collaborating with other industry partners to conduct special projects

* The NAFTC is the developer of the nation’s largest non-profit consumer educational program, National AFV Day Odyssey. National AFV Day Odyssey was designed to create public awareness and to promote the use of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. Odyssey was conducted in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, and 2010. The 2010 Odyssey eventattracted more than 200,000 direct attendees and reached 90 million people through media coverage.

For the history of the NAFTC, please visit www.naftc.wvu.edu.